It's time to go back. This is a need not a want.

This past week (like all the others) has flown by. 

This past week is the first time I looked in a mirror and thought "I look old". In the past I've noted that my reflection was overweight and frumpy. I can own those things. I can change those things... But age? Age is a different creature all together.  You can restrain age for a while but, eventually, it's going to get you... And there is nothing you can do to stop it. (Midlife crisis anyone?)

This past week I saw a flickr of what could be in regards to the business I've wanted to start for years. (If it was possible to procrastinate while procrastinating, I would).  Needless to say - I'm motivated. 

This past week I decided that there has to be some sort of balance between being a fashionista  (keeping my weight down / wearing nice clothes) and being a foodie. I'm making it my mission to find said balance and liveitbreatheitbeit (love to bake, love to cook, love to eat.... Love clothes.... Do not love the size I'm currently wearing. Most definitely do not love rotating the only 3 outfits that fit). 

This coming weekend = sleeping in with my guy, deep cleaning the house, shopping for (more) Halloween decorations (because the three big boxes I already have are not enough), Sunday afternoon football, possibly baking some oatmeal cookies and then riding my stationary bike for the next 90 minutes, possibly getting out at sunrise to take some photos. Cheers. 


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