Downtown Sanford


It's easy to spend a day in downtown Sanford... Sandwiches from Magnolia Square Market, beer at The Willow Tree, coffee from Rabbitfoot Records (really good, -fresh- coffee at that plus they have a great selection of vinyl for sale), street art by Paint The Trail, colorful shops, eclectic locals, the marina, the park, live music, happy people... If I didn't have to work today you know where I'd be.

Hidden Gem: Thai Villa


Thai Villa  green curry (it's even better cold on the second day).   I'm craving it as I type...

For Sale


Beautiful blue Ralph Lauren Polo wool crew neck sweater... You can find more of my online sales here



Positive thought to start the day: 
How lucky am I to have such a beautiful family and so many amazing life friends?! 
I've been blessed with an abundance of wonderful people that surround me. 
That thought alone is enough to put anyone in a good mood. 

Flea Market


Yesterday: We opted not to roam too far from home and ended up at Flea World (followed by slices at Anthony's - excellent pizza). Like most Florida flea markets, Sanford's is full of in your face kitsch, which in it's own dysfunctional way is kind of charming. 

This time around we left with jalapeƱo stuffed olives, horseradish pickles, french burnt peanuts, green tomatoes and palm readings. According to Madam Kathrine's daughter (the locals will remember those commercials from when we were little) I have a lucrative business opportunity coming in October, I need to watch my blood pressure and a woman I know will deceive me... I'd love to go back for that Schwinn.

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