Rainy Day, Pancakes and Celebrity Chef's


Heavy humidity followed by down pours is a Southern norm in late August. What do you do with a high energy 3 year old that does not want to be cooped up inside? You let him play in the rain (providing there's no lightening.). Catching rain drops in your mouth and jumping in puddles is a childhood right of passage. It's the simple things...

We are all full from Saturday morning pancakes (cinnamon, chocolate chip and apple). The upside: they were tasty and now the house smells good. The downside: I need to take a carb nap and it's only 11:00 am). 

Later today I will be holding a phone interview with Chef G. Garvin (of the Cooking Channel). He's doing an event here in town and his publicist approached me to write about it along with promoting  his cookbook and his "One Bite" foundation. I'm psyched because this guy is an actual "chef" that worked his way up and not just a celebrity spokesperson hosting a cooking show. Also, he knows an old friend of mine that does directing and camera work out in Los Angeles. I've been asked by my friend to say hello and advised not to tell the chef he looks like LL Cool J.... Which he does... Which I think is a compliment because LL is sexy... But according to my friend it's probably a bad idea. Hahaha... 



Simple things that make me happy:

time with the 3 year old
kick ass thrifted shoes
black bottom pie (recipe coming)
fall fast approaching
a relaxed week
Chinese takeout on rainy days
the "Fishermans's Blues" album
road trips with the 12 year old 
an extra day this weekend to go explore

Thrifted: Bass Mules


$10.00 (cheap for Bass) Via Ebay. I can't wait to wear them out. (The photo doesn't do them justice). 

Old Green Truck


Spotted by the little speedway near the beach. I bet this was a beauty back in the day (I want an old truck).



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Raw walnuts and fresh blackberries. 

Along with adequate water, sleep, sweating and a good topical E oil, I'm big into feeding my skin as a form of anti-aging. I find the most beautiful women, the ones that appear ageless,  develop their glow from the inside.




Downtown at sunset.

This coming weekend = breakfast food, Sunday morning Galaga battles (epic), trying new recipes from old cookbooks, yard sales, sunsets by the water, dog baths, homework and re-watching "You've Got Mail" (because Kathleen Kelly kicks ass and I want her wardrobe). 

PS- It's almost September which means fall which which means the best time of the year. 

Feeding The Ego


"Feed the soul not the ego". I read those words on an inspiration board yesterday and I'm not sure if I agree. I mean, in theory it sounds good. It sounds right. But in reality... (Closet binger, here).

Thriftted / Vintage Ralph Lauren


Vintage Ralph Lauren wool, plaid skirt - $4.00. (Wrinkly, in need of pressing but still pretty)

Originally, I bought this to sell but I can't part with it... It's perfect for fall. 
(Hi, my name is Ann and I'm a clothes hoarder) 



Friday / This:


*Back roads farm land / Instagram shot taken on our way home from the beach.

A few favorites from around the web...

This sweater (casual outfit) for the coming cold weather.
This wreath. The simplicity makes it perfect.
This recipe for tomato sauce (similar to the one my older Italian friend uses. Minus the celery.)
This cut .... Which I would totally try. Maybe keeping the length a few inches longer due to having an abnormally round face.
This song is stuck in my head.
This movie is my classic popcorn flick choice for the weekend.
This quote. Because.  

Thrifted: Fall Style / Teal Velvet Blazer


This piece is little rough around the edges but I like it that way. The color is a rich, dark teal, perfect for the Fall. You could pair this with just about any casual outfit. I paid $2.50 at The Salvation Army.

Now I have an overwhelming need to try my hand at making a peanut butter cake from scratch. If it's good I'll share the recipe.

Luna Llena


We managed to get away last night (if you have kids then you'll understand). I suggested taking in the super moon by the marina and he agreed. 

We ordered a Maragrita pizza from a little river walk shop and ate by the water. Grease dripping down our chins, chasing much needed paper napkins trying to escape with the breeze and people watching as we took in the sunset. 

The moonrise was the icing.



My daughter at the beach = happiness :)

It's 5:21 am and Pete Townshend is stuck in my head. I'm craving chicory coffee, fresh squeezed o.j. and French crullers but I don't want to get out of bed and go to the store. My beautiful boyfriend is sleeping next to me and my dogs are pacing in the next room... (I should probably go walk them.) 

I'm also thinking about where to view tonights super moon...

And when I can return to the beach.

And dieting so I can fit into all of my beautiful fall clothes.

I need coffee.

Beach Day


We left sunburnt, sleepy and coated with sand. We stopped for chocolate ice cream, a long standing ritual dating back to my youth, before taking the back roads home (which consists of beautiful Florida farm land).

It couldn't have been more perfect. 

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