Rainy Day, Pancakes and Celebrity Chef's


Heavy humidity followed by down pours is a Southern norm in late August. What do you do with a high energy 3 year old that does not want to be cooped up inside? You let him play in the rain (providing there's no lightening.). Catching rain drops in your mouth and jumping in puddles is a childhood right of passage. It's the simple things...

We are all full from Saturday morning pancakes (cinnamon, chocolate chip and apple). The upside: they were tasty and now the house smells good. The downside: I need to take a carb nap and it's only 11:00 am). 

Later today I will be holding a phone interview with Chef G. Garvin (of the Cooking Channel). He's doing an event here in town and his publicist approached me to write about it along with promoting  his cookbook and his "One Bite" foundation. I'm psyched because this guy is an actual "chef" that worked his way up and not just a celebrity spokesperson hosting a cooking show. Also, he knows an old friend of mine that does directing and camera work out in Los Angeles. I've been asked by my friend to say hello and advised not to tell the chef he looks like LL Cool J.... Which he does... Which I think is a compliment because LL is sexy... But according to my friend it's probably a bad idea. Hahaha... 


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